Are you looking for a hot dining spot?

Are you looking for a hot dining spot? Or a wide place with elegant designs perfect for your preferences? Do you need a space where you can eat comfortably and privately with your friends or family? Well, you came to the right place!

It has always been a problem for us where to eat the perfect dinner and just relax with our family or friends. Sometimes, we cannot make up our mind where to go, where to make reservations and when to find a perfect diner for ourselves. Although in other circumstances, we have these perfect places in mind but it might not be as spacious and as comfortable as we expected. Let’s say, they do have a good service and food but the place is always crowded and makes you uncomfortable sometimes. But, there‚Äôs no need to think about these things too much because Madison Square Tavern is here for you. Just make a reservation, grab your car, and open in your garage doors in Tucson AZ to visit our place!

Our place is perfect for a fine dining and will give you a comfortable vibe throughout your whole visit. Madison Square Tavern has both comfort and elegance. We present a spacious setting that can also be divided into private and semi-private sections for dinner and cocktail parties. It will be perfect for a group of people who want to have their own private space for their small gatherings or parties. It can also be good for those who only want to have dinner and choose a semi-private dinner setting. Choose from the variety of food in our special menu and enjoy the cozy, elegant and comfortable feeling here in our place while you dine.

Reservations can be made through this website or through emails and contact numbers. You can visit us from time to time and see every update about our diner and the new services we will give.

It will always be important to have our own special space even when eating in a restaurant. Even though many places give a high quality of service, it will still be great to eat in a diner that can make you feel more valuable than how others serve you. We only want the best dining place for you and we bet you will love our place.

Ever since we built this restaurant, we only received great amount of good reviews and feedback. People loved how we put out effort, doing our best in serving our customers and giving them the privacy and space they need the most while dining. We became a hot spot for our 3 levels, 24 beers on tap and over 7000 feet of unique dining space. Who wouldn’t love to spend have dinner in a place this spacious and elegant? I guess you are more than wanting to visit us as well so go ahead and make reservations for you, your family or friends. Share to them the news and information about this place and visit us altogether! Since we only built this place a few years ago, we don’t own much recognition but everyone who visited us and dined here loved our great services. You will too!