About Us

Madison Square Tavern was built not long ago. We always knew how much people love their privacy and comfort in everything they do, that includes dining in restaurants. Some always get a bit uncomfortable eating with a lot of people whom they do not know or strangers to them. We can be like that sometimes and feel like the space is not enough for a lot of people to dine in. It’s also a problem to eat in crowded and loud places especially in public so we often prefer to eat at home when we get bothered by these things.

To do something for people like these, we have created a plan of building this restaurant. A huge space and a place where people can have their own privacy while dining. We chose to make our restaurant free for people who want to eat in a private or semi-private space. By deciding to do this, we also need to make this place a lot wider so we have 3 levels and a space of over 7000 square meters, enough for a huge crowd. With this kind of restaurant, anyone can now be much more comfortable in dining and eating with their family or friends. You can choose to dine in a semi-private if you don’t really mind about eating with other people around. But if you want a more special space and own privacy, then choose the private section.

When we opened our restaurant a few years ago, people were fascinated about our services and our wide space. We were able to deliver a good feeling and elegant services for many people up until now. The founder of this restaurant and the staff as well are more than happy to serve a lot of people. We want to give our best in making them feel cozy and special with their own space while dining. After all, it’s better to feel like this at any place, comfortable and relaxed.