Since we are new in this business, we received a lot of questions about our place and services. People’s curiosity is one of our priority in starting this restaurant so here are some frequently asked questions that we would to share with you.

How can I make reservations in your restaurant?

You can check our reservations section and fill out some forms and answer questions given regarding your reservations. Questions like ‘when will you dine in’, ‘what time you will dine in’ and ‘how many people are you with’ will be asked. You have to answer these questions in reserving a table so we can prepare your table properly. Make sure to put whether you choose a private or semi-private section. You can also just contact us through email for more personal requests.

Where can I find your restaurant?

You can always find us at 150 WEST 30TH STREET AT 7TH AVE, New York City. If you haven’t been there before, just message us through the contacts given and ask about our location and other things regarding our restaurant.

How do the private and semi-private sections differ from each other?

Semi-private is like eating at a regular restaurant though with much bigger space and lesser crowd. It is also comfortable to dine in semi-private since our restaurant is spacious. However, we do recommend our private section as it is much better for those people who dine with a group, who are celebrating through a small party and other things like that. You will have your own private room and dining area where you will be more comfortable and relaxed with only the group you came with. Both give an elegant and cozy service and environment so whatever you choose will still give you a good experience here at the Madison Square Tavern.