I dined in this restaurant a few weeks ago with my friends. Since we are a huge group and are a bit loud when we’re altogether, we chose a private section to dine in. It was a great experience since we didn’t have much trouble in talking to each other like how we used to. It’s also cool to have our own space and private room just for ourselves. We loved the food as well and the services not to mention that it was so elegant and cozy inside the restaurant. Our group will make sure to visit this place from time to time.

Daniel K.

I have always been uncomfortable eating with a lot of people around me ever since I was a kid. I don’t know why, but I feel uneasy whenever I feel like someone stares at me while eating my food. Finding out about this place is such a good thing because it gave me what I needed the most when dining, that is privacy and comfort. I never thought I will find such restaurant who values the customers’ comfort and privacy so much so I loved this place more than anything else.

Jennie M.

Cozy and relaxing corners what I always try to find every time I dine in a restaurant. Discovering this place was all thanks to my friend who recommended it to me. I always prefer eating alone and I mostly eat without anyone with me though this place can give me so much comfort even if I’m alone or with someone else. The services and the menu were both great as well just like how the place is. It gives so much satisfaction to people who are sensitive with eating in a public place. Here, you won’t even feel like you’re eating in a restaurant full of people, you rather feel like you’re in some special place just for you.

Hani L.